Why Protolive?

Regarding the economical world scenario it is important to keep software development low costs, in that, at extent the agile methodologies are adopted by many companies as a tentative to accelerate your software development using techniques such as: code generation, model driven architecture and so on. In that, Protolive arise as a way to support both: functional as well as development team to filling a gap between them, where it is possible to draw a simple user interface, interative, able to collect the main concepts about some funcionality and deliver a clear understanding in a fast way. Besides, Protolive generates the presentation code lead by the Java Server Faces technology to start the project. Considering the development team capacity maybe that approach becomes a valuable initiative.

Which problems is solved by Protolive?

To reduce the communication noise for both: functional and development teams, at extent the new features are added thru by UI prototyping.

Which advantages delivered by Protolive?

Which the technologies Protolive generates the source code?

JSF 2.2 + PrimeFaces + CDI

How many Primefaces components are covered by Protolive?

Around the 20 components, such as:

What if during the development my project breaks, which Protolive's liability?

Protolive is in constant evolution, and therefore, the tool is not responsible for any project developed, nor for any error or damage if they occur.